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1. Share your feedback

Already viewed Saving Face? Please share your feedback. Take our online audience impact survey! Click here to take survey

2. Get Informed and Connected

Learn more about the issues of acid violence and gender-based violence. Begin with our FAQs and the film viewer’s guide, which includes links to NGOs and other resources. Encourage your friends and family members to tune in when SAVING FACE airs on television or attend a screening. Learn more about efforts to combat gender-based violence in your home community and get involved where you live. And tell us how you have been impacted. Hearing from individuals like you about your experience will help us shape and strengthen outreach efforts. Contact us.

3. Support Survivors

Directly support organizations providing critical physical, medical, psychological, legal, social and other services to survivors. To view a list of our NGO partners, click here.

4. Volunteer Your Time and Expertise

We’re hearing from doctors, medical supplies companies, activists and others seeking to contribute their time and expertise to efforts on the ground. Contact us and we’ll help to connect you to NGOs who can utilize your skills and resources. Also read the descriptions on the project page. There we will post additional ways you can get involved with specific projects.

5. Support SAVING FACE Outreach

Support SAVING FACE’s outreach efforts which include prevention and education programs using the film such as free community screenings and workshops and supplemental materials like our viewer’s guide. We’re also launching radio and television public service announcements beginning in Pakistan. To donate, click here. For more information about SAVING FACE’s outreach program email us here.

6. Support our NGO Partners

Please support our NGO partners who are providing direct services to survivors as well as leading their own prevention and education efforts where acid violence is occurring around the world. You can donate to them directly from our NGO partners page.

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