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Buy and Sell in Turkey Like a Local
Buy and Sell in Turkey Like a Local
Real Estate investment, when done right, can be lucrative and flashy. It can help new investors diversify their existing investment portfolio and create an additional income stream, without having to spend a lot of time. Choosing the right market for your investment is a primary key to succeed and achieve the goals, and the Turkish real estate market may have all the advantageous criteria you are looking for. Turkey ranks 14th among the world’s most advantageous real estate markets for foreigners, outpacing countries like Spain, Portugal, and Greece thanks to its affordable prices, growth projections, and stable tourism market. The survey, conducted by the U.S.-based international real estate investment company Remote Ventures, revealed the 25 most advantageous real estate investment markets among 200 countries it reviewed, and Turkey placed high with features like growth rate, cost of living, income taxes, and transaction costs, in addition to tourism sector growth. Istanbul is Turkey’s largest city and one of the most popular cities in the world, it may have Turkey’s most expensive properties but also the greatest return on investment, and high rental demand income. Prices of nominal house prices in Istanbul rose by 11.71% during the first 3 months of 2020 and continued rising. Also, the Turkish government introduced many measures to provide foreign investors with advantages that made it indistinguishable from locals. Like VAT exemptions for property owners who buy a Turkish property but do not live in Turkey, on a condition that they pay for the property with foreign currency. With the condition to hold the property for 12 months after purchase and many other measures. Whether your goal is to generate rental income from your real estate investment or to buy and let when the perfect selling opportunity arises, Istanbul real estate market is a good spot for you, and Property Invest can provide you all you need to take the right decision when buying, and the right steps on procedures during the closing process and also the appropriate management program that will suit your goals.

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