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Fat Grafting For Breast Augmentation
Fat Grafting For Breast Augmentation
 An implant is not the only solution you need to resort to if you are considering breast augmentation. Now newer techniques and natural options are creating alternative treatment methods. If it bothers you to have a foreign substance in your body if you're looking for a natural sensation, fat grafting- or fat transfer- appeals to you as an exciting and natural option for breast augmentation. It involves collecting fat cells from other parts of the body and transferring them to the breasts. Fat is taken using a standard liposuction technique. Often the arms, abdomen, or buttocks areas are preferred for fat transfer. This procedure is very advantageous as it will also reduce the amount of fat in unwanted areas. While your breasts reach the size you want, you can also have a flat stomach or thinner arms. You will also not suffer post-implant complications. You will not encounter problems such as tearing or slipping. This unwanted fat is processed by the plastic surgeon in the operating room. The processed fat is put in small syringes and injected safely into the breast tissue to improve the size and division of the breast. It is an ideal procedure for women who desire a small amount of growth and cares about the natural appearance. It also gives upper breast fullness, which is often lost after pregnancy and breastfeeding. One of the most important advantages of fat transfer is the freedom it provides during breast shaping. When surgeons transfer fat, it has a wider range of applications compared to standard size implants. Natural augmentation with fat transfer has very different results than breast augmentation with implants. Fat can only provide moderate enlargement and shape improvement in the breast. For patients who complain that the top of their bras is hollow, the fat injected into this area will give more fullness. It helps them fill their existing bra sizes, but there is no situation that will require them to change their bra sizes. Combining the breast fat grafting procedure with a breast lift is one of the most appropriate surgeries for new mothers. The lifting process will restore the shape and position of the breast, and the added fat will restore the volume and fullness lost in the breast. Improvement in breast fat injection usually occurs in patients in a very short time. Patients may have a burning sensation that continuing for some time after liposuction, but in general, less pain is usually felt on the total surface if we consider the entire breast. There is very little restriction on the patient after Liposuction, and many patients choose to have surgery on Friday and return to work the following Monday. If you are tired of sagging breasts and want to get a younger breast circumference, we can help you. If you've done your research and think this procedure might be right for you, it may be time to talk to a professional plastic surgeon about your aesthetic goals. We'll be waiting for you at  We wish you a healthy day.

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